International trade and transportation has gone through many evolutionary stages in the past century. The global economy has created many new and fascinating opportunities and challenges for companies who manufacture, purchase and ship products internationally.

Saving Shipping & Forwarding USA Inc. has risen and successfully evolved by taking an innovative approach to the challenges of an ever changing environment. Our accomplishments have come through investing in and developing services that support our client’s and trading partner’s efforts to remain competitive, efficient and successful in the international marketplace.

As a member of Saving Group, (established in 1964), we entered the transportation arena with a reputation for accomplishing challenges that others said could not be done. Quickly, we became recognized by our clients and others in the industry as a company that successfully accomplishes the task by being creative, flexible and maintaining a results driven focus on the job at hand with an eye toward the future.

Our slogan “We Are Rising” is not just to proclaim the achievements of Saving Group, but to support our commitment to “Continue to Rise”.


Saving Shipping & Forwarding USA Moves the Antonov A225 Heavy Lift Aircraft